Alphonse Mellot : Génération XIX 2011
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Alphonse Mellot : Génération XIX 2011

Loira - Sancerre - Blanco - 13° Alphonse Mellot Alphonse Mellot 2011 F377/11
  • Parker : 90-91+
Wine Advocate-Parker :
Tasted in April - as was the corresponding Edmond - from wooden fermentor and demi-muid, the 2011 Sancerre Generation XIX preserves the scallop-like sweet and saline savor that made the corresponding young Edmond memorable, while rich though piquant nut oils and decided chalkiness further inflect the fundament of ripe grapefruit, orange, white peach, and quince. This finishes bittersweetly, dominated by citrus and nut oils, with its umami- scallop-side serving for welcome salivation, but with less primary juiciness and consequent brightness than its cellar mates of the vintage and without the delightful sense of surprising levity that accrued to the corresponding Edmond. The portion of this from new demi-muid, incidentally - and which struck me as pointlessly marked by it - was destined to comprise a mere 20% of the final blend.
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Alphonse Mellot, En existencia en nuestra bodega de Burdeos en caja de origen del Château o de la propiedad.

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